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Have you ever made a fool of yourself? Well, you are not alone!

Each week, join me, Joanne Jarrett, as my girlfriends and I tell funny, embarrassing, humbling stories on ourselves that will make you feel less alone in your imperfections.  Because NONE of us are as fancy as we look. By the end of each episode, you'll have had some great girl time, a good laugh, and will be feeling much better about your own embarrassing moments! 

Jul 29, 2019

My story of getting stuck in a dress in Dillard's will have you laughing, cringing, and relating. You just HAVE to hear it! To learn more about me, check out my blog.

Loopy Cases are highlighted this week. They are easy to hold onto, look great, and are not cumbersome in a pocket or purse. Take a look!

Use "Search Tools" to dial in a time frame for Google search results when searching for something time sensitive. Type in your search term, click "search tools", click "any time" to pull down the time frame menu, and choose a time frame! Now, if you already knew this, you are probably under 35 or are really techy. Let the rest of us revel in our newfound knowledge. :)

My Mug

The Dress

The dress

My Loopy Case     Loopy Case